Reviews for "Ph0ne & Hopeku - Jew gold"


this is so great, i love the first halfs beat, and the 2nds even more. the soulth park cluip added humor so its all around great...

good song

good song


This is a pretty awesome trance song.
As a jew this is Exilirating!

Freakin Awesome

Wow what kind of program do u use? this is great!

hopeku responds:

Fruity loop :)


psy trance is the best kind of trance, the song pretty much feels like a story and it is always great to hear.

to Lizardman974, there are hundreds of songs out there (pro and amature) taht use clips from movies or tv shows, and unlessit is acually being distributed on an album from a recorc company, thats when you have to say where the clips are from, because you have to say every person's name on who made the song. but newgrounds dont have these standards unless your doing a cover, then you give credet to the original artest.

hopeku responds:

actually as long as it's no commercial purpose I don't have nothing to worry about. And even if i had their permission to put the quote in my song and sell it, I wouldn't be obligated to put any credits, unless they want me to. :)

Thanks man!