Reviews for "Ph0ne & Hopeku - Jew gold"

As we British say, Good Shit

So we begin with a nice, classic, fragmented, slow introduction. Admittedly it's not entirely your own work, but you've expanded on an original theme - a very wise move, because it's absolutely brilliant. Yeah, phat beats; but when we reach 1:20, everything is in the mix, and it's rather nice. A little meh, but nice.

To be able to hold back on the main melody and THEN smack the listener around the ears with the sheer awesomeness of it with a very tight and neat drop is quite simply lush, and music to my ears; if you'll pardon the pun.

Otherwise, it's got both your style and the original artist, and is an excellent reimagining. Neat, tidy and well made. Not thumping trance, and not pounding drum and bass. While it might 'lack' a little in terms of that, it creates an overall better experience. Although I do think it could have benefitted from more 'pounding beatz' to be utterly honest.

Still, can't have everything. Love the sitar.


At first, it sorta reminded me of Mortal Kombat =P. Pretty awesome though =)

hopeku responds:

Mortal combat? haha



psytrance or goa? cant really tell, cus im a noobert at genres. what i cán tell though is that i have heard a lot of good tracks, and damn this is one of em. GJ on this! I actually sought for flaws to deduct points for (cus i like being a hard critic). but those 10/10 5/5 belong to you.

hopeku responds:

Hey thanks man, this is actually fullon psytrance!

PsyTrance couldn't get any better on NewGrounds

VERY well done. Loving the reverb and synths you used in this. Reminds me of an amazing X files remix I heard once, only the drumtrack has a hint of something else familiar. Whatever you did to it, I'm enjoying this the further in I listen. And the South Park quotes just nailed it perfectly.

hopeku responds:

thanks a lot! :)

Nice One!

I loved it because its one of bass+beat songs :D