Reviews for "The Final Hour"


This sounds alot like Frozen in Black and Silver, which I actually prefer over this song. Its still pretty good, but I think you tried a little too hard to make it fast. When you are not listening intently to this song, it tends to run and mesh together. I love the rest of your music though, I think it is fantstic, especially the piano you use. Not that I can actually make music or anything, I just like listening to it. Next to Bounc3, you're the best on NG for sure. Keep up the good work ^.^

bug report!

erm, this audio dosn't play. are you aware of this?

If the song doesn't play...

Jesus people, this is a good song, but don't give it a 0 rating just because it didn't play. HIT THE REFRESH BUTTON. 99% of the songs I have listened to on NG sometimes don't play the first time, you gotta hit refresh or DL the song.


Dude I've been looking for good music to get in the mood to play my speedster hero in a Mutants & Masterminds game for a while now and this is exactly the kinda stuff I was looking for. Fast-paced techno with almost heroic undertones and plenty of emotion despite the limitations of the medium this stuff is amazing.

The best. Simply put.

Listen Dimrain47, you are a Techno Genius. Your music has a "soul of it's own" if you will. When I listen to it, I get an overwhelming sense that the music has come to life within my ears. Especially "The Final Hour". I'm wondering if it would be too much to ask what the exact B.P.M. on this song is? I want to make a stepfile for FFR out of this. :D

PS) The reason i only gave you a 9 instead of a 10 is because even though this sound you've created in your song is awesomely awesome, it still reminds me of a lot of your other work. not that it's not original, it just reminds me of some (not all) of your other work.

All in all though, Great job!