Reviews for "The Final Hour"


this is fantastic man, i usually hate Techno but this one's awesome, and if u can... gimme some of urs like that one ! biggie514@hotmail.com !!!

Nice !

A gift for ears..

Like your music - muchly....... Out of body sounds... Excellent

:) *thumbs up*

Well i came accross ur music a year ago when i was playing the game arcane castle and i Revolutions and today i played it again and i thought maybe he has more? then i looked and here it is. this is the first one i d-loaded. im downloading them all :P ya im that obsessed. and like i said before ignore the bad comments because some people wont like it and others will.


man, this inspires me. its just like ddr music. no, its better.

Awesome. >.<

I love this song. 'Tis a work of art. Nice job. :P