Reviews for "The Final Hour"


wow this might be the best music u have made so far so i'm giving a 10 ^____^.by the way aren't you using fl studio 5.I readed the previous rewiews and u said that you use it.i have it too......but i don't know how to make music like this.i don't know how to use it yet:(

holy crap!!!

"My fastest and most intense work to date." it's also your best!! keep up the good work!!!!


People, just a thin, it plays when you download it. Thanks! Now to the review...

It's pretty good, good disco thing. At first that little it's going to happen effect and then you enter with the disco and i say "now it's something different!" There you go. It's fast, the only thing is that you have to download to play it, but the guy with a 200kbps can do the download fast and play the music and listen to it. There are some betters, but this is good job!

See twilight techno people, it's the best!

a gold star for you

dude this is one of the best i've seen up here on newgrounds.
would be great to put into a game.
its got a nice epic undertone.


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answer by accident =D
Amazing o.O