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Reviews for "Wake Me Up at E3"

I miss E3

Im sad that the 2006 e3 was the last one.

yay for tributes to NERD history \(^.^)/

think about this, if it wasnt for the fall of the USSR, wich made fantacy cool like it was when buck rogers in the 2500's, then there wouldnt of been star wars, then there woulnt of been starwars fans, who wouldwt of evoled on to geeks, who wouldnt of became nerds.
in other words. if it wasnt for the fall of the soviets /(~.~)\
Then nerds would be what they are today.

Good job, sir!

I liked it. Is your song up anywhere to download?

Cool Cool

this is Awsome you rocked this was also pretty funny and the lyrics you made are cool you did a great job with this.

I know how you did that

you recorded the instruments only using guitar pro then started singing new lyrics, what a great idea.