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Reviews for "Wake Me Up at E3"

r.i.p E3

this really brings back memories,goddam consumers not buying a dreamcast!!!!!!,anyways really catcy and fun to watch


Really..."tossed saladality"...I'm SO using that.

I mean, MK IS my favorite game of all time...

So ladylike.


<3 -t

aka "Jonesy McJonesJones"

Brings me some nostalgia

I remember when I was around three or four years old, playing Super Mario for the first time. I really wasn't aware there was a console war going between Nintendo and SEGA, but in the end, SEGA started making games for Nintendo.

I think the whole: console wars and fanboy stuff is bullshit. Games were ment to be played for fun.


The song rocks, man! And I got flooded with so much nostalgia it brought tears to my ears. It's truly amazing how gaming has come so far, yet gone nowhere at the same time.


This a great video and surprisingly,your singing just adds to it I think!keep up the comedy!