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Reviews for "Wake Me Up at E3"


your flash is something special. your parody talent is genius, and i am a huge parody fan. however, your singing talent is not the best, no offence. i would be honoured if you would allow me to redo the vocals, as, all modesty aside, i am a much better singer. my email is mentalmonkey_06@hotmail.co.uk. unfortunately, i live in the uk, so face-to-face communication is impossible. get back to me with your thoughts.

BTW, what did you use to record the sound?


The seer fact that the lyrics are good makes up for teh godawful singing (no offence)


Amazingly good

Just one thing, WTF IS WITH THE WEASEL COSTUME GUY. Where the hell did u decide you were going to put a guy into that was wearing a dead weasel or dead animal costume.


While I was watching it and when i seen 12 billion dollars lost by microsoft i hollard " HOW DARE YOU BILL GATES" other wise it was funny

very nice song...

even though your singing voice was... o...k...

the lyrics were a very touching recap on video gaming history. did you play the instruments as well. a very nice parody song, i actually prefer this one over the real song, and the real song was one of the FEW green day songs i like. aside from the song needing to be sung from someone differently (i'm not trying to offend you by saying your singing sucks or something, just someone else who can sing real well will make this already impresive flash and song to be that much better)
this is still one of my new favorites now.
i think i want to memorize the lyrics now