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Reviews for "Samurai Asshole"

A really fun flash game

~The Pros~

I really enjoyed this side scroller, and I'm not just saying that because you made newgrounds (yes I am). I loved how you encorporated the three dimensional element rather than the traditional side scrolling element. The animation in both the beggining scene and the game play was done pretty well. This flash was a pretty original game, or it was the only ninja game that was saved. The sound of the jumping, the slashing and the sword clanging was done really well. The only funny part was the beggining scene when you mocked asian voices by making uncomprehensible voices. The interactivity was flawless, not glitches whatsoever.

~The Cons~

As one of the most expierienced flash makers on NG, there weren't many problems concerning this flash. For example, the animation of the samurai was kind of blurry. I understand that it is difficult to make it perfect, but the in game play should be the best. Also, the faded background of the city was kind of bland and unnatractive.

Overall, a really great side scrolling flash. I hope that you benefit from this flash.

4 out of 5


the movment was poor and the atacking was slow. the enemy comp was kinda stupid. it was a bit dissapointing


Fun game, very good responding to the controlls and re-actions, the "CHARACTERS" were neat and i love the attacks and blocks, took me abit get the controls down but still a fun game, nice job...

I like the controlls but might be better if there was another option for conrols such as the mouse, unless i missed that...

Fun classic game by tom as always, these never get old, nice job...


Sorry to say but....

I am dissapointed, you just resubmitted it.
I could find 0 updates and i beated draco without losing life.
The smurfs, i thought you updated the story, then suddenly i saw a button, play again.
This game is OLD why ON EARTH did you resubmit it?


kill the smurfs!!!!