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Reviews for "Samurai Asshole"


I liked this game ages ago. I dont understand why you're resubmitting your ancient flash pieces if YOU'RE NOT EVEN GOING TO FINISH THEM!
I remember when this was new-ish and I wondered when the next episode would arrive. I guess it'll never come, but that doesnt mean you dont want to get praised for this old game.
At the time, I liked it yea. I remember wanting to review it, but I dont remember what to write. It's pretty decent. Especially considering you used flash 4..


I remember this game, Tom!

~The good~

I remember playing this game a long time ago and thought that it was really ahead of its time due to its good graphics and solid gameplay. The voice-overs were very stereotypical, but I still couldn't help laughinig at it.

~The bad~

Gameplay is solid, but is very linear as you only have one offensive move and no blocking, only a stupid spin. Also, there could've been more varieties of enemies in this.

Overall, another solid flash that's finally coming into the portal, good to see you getting more involved in the portal. I hope my review was helpful!


Nice job

Awesome game. The sound at the beginning was a bit bad but apart from that it was good.



nice game

I enjoyed it, although is there any point in the jump key? You should change it to alternate attack or somethin rather than just havin one sword attack.