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Reviews for "Samurai Asshole"

Why not wait until its finished

I don't get it why did you repost? It was a good game ages ago but all that was different was the walking sucked


i love this game.....but tell me you're planning on making a new version

Consider the zeros as a no rating...

Why repost this? I really don't get it.

I mean, do they not exist on the site in some fashion? Is this some sort of sick attempt to stroke your ego?

I don't understand. Tom, NG is fantastic, but this just comes off wrong to me.
Aren't you working on plenty of new and exciting projects?

I'd be way more interested to see that.

Very good

Nice work allthough the controlls were not completly responsive.Anyway,looking fowards to the next installment.

I remember this!

back when the site consisted of telebubbies, pico, and kill pikachu.. and the portal was a "next, previous" controlled thing :-S nice to see this again