Reviews for "2255ce"


is there any way to stop that thing from blowing up? or do i have to beat the game in ten seconds...

can-o-spam responds:

I've added a hint (ie. how to do it) to the description. Just exit the first screen to the right and close the door on the second screen (with the red button).

(( Entertaining ))

this was fun, the screen was abit small, but the little character was fun and easy to controll, it does go into these scenes which was sorta interesting, anyways nice little game here.

Make the screen size abit larger.

Fun game/flash.



This game is so stangely addictive. But I hate it how you can't skip the start sequence. When you die alot that part gets really annoying.

can-o-spam responds:

Hope it didn't turn you off too much. Glad you liked it overall.