Reviews for "2255ce"

I can't get past the 1st stage?

I like the gameplay, and the style. But I can't figure out what to do at the 1st stage. I ran to the terminal at the left of the screen. A green screen came up, but? I tried pressing down, like the instruction says to operate a terminal. I pressed spacebar but nothing.

Maybe you could give more detailed instructions. And add a storyline =)

can-o-spam responds:

Exit the 1st screen to your right, then close the door with the red button on the 2nd screen.

this is pretty fun

i like it, but it just gets me mad cuz of the missle thing


This game is so stangely addictive. But I hate it how you can't skip the start sequence. When you die alot that part gets really annoying.

can-o-spam responds:

Hope it didn't turn you off too much. Glad you liked it overall.