Reviews for "2255ce"

Not bad

It reminds me of that old game Out of this World, I always got frusterated with it back in the day, but man this brings back memories

can-o-spam responds:

I think its great that people think of those classic games Another (Out of this) World and Flashback. They are still great games to play, BTW.


Thats a great game and really hard too.. you should give more tips or put up an walkthrough!

can-o-spam responds:

I'll put a few hints at the bottom on the comments section.

Loved it

Does remind me of those few old genesis and snes games
also reminds me of that old playstation game Overblood.

anyway... how do i get past the green zombie guy...
the hints not helpin me.

can-o-spam responds:

Never played Overblood. Maybe I'll check it out.
About the zombie... Think: creative use of the door.

this is pretty fun

i like it, but it just gets me mad cuz of the missle thing


I don't know... I removed the game at once because it bored me because I am not very patient but is good... I think it's almost same at the game Another World, of Sega Genesis.

can-o-spam responds:

Sorry to hear it bored you. Glad to hear it made you think of Another World.