Reviews for "Fitch and Jove 5 (Part 2)"

Not as good as the first, but a very close second

I love these, and I must say, they rock! I especially like your style of animation and voices. Keep them coming!

margarine responds:

I will :D Thx 4 da revyoo

I can tell you how you can improve

The reason why probably alot of people didn't like it was because of the sprites, even though I found it just fine and the song to be hilarious. But meh, Party 1 and Part 2 pwn. Rock on :D

margarine responds:

Thanks! Yeah, the sprites were meant to just look silly, nothing more, nothing less. Thanks for the score :D

Good flash overall

I liked the screamo parts of your song you made haha thought that was cool. The tree explanation was funny, movies always try to make smart sounding theories/explanations for things and when you acutally find out about it you realize how stupid it actually sounds. Good hob and keep it up

margarine responds:

heh, I was going for the comic SOAD sound with the song. SOAD rule btw, I wasn't tryna take the piss out of them or anything. Thanks for the review!


lol it was wonderful, gj on both awards

margarine responds:

Cheers! You can download the super mario tune on my audio page :P


Well that was pretty coool!!! Much prefered the first episode but this was still prime!! I realy loved that song lol it was sick!!!

Keep up the good work!!!!