Reviews for "Fitch and Jove 5 (Part 2)"

Inside man...

Hello again, Gareth Hogg here, one of the voice actors ;)

When Margarine said that it was going to be short. I was upset, distraught and vomitted instantly... a quote from myself "i think people might not like it if it's too short" BUT the quality squeezed into the short time is fantastic... who doesn't like songs? come on!!!

this second part is the perfect end to the amazing first part and all the silliness before it.

But you shouldn't have cut out the end line... you bumface!

margarine responds:

Take heed of this guy, he knows what he's talking about :)
The last line was too hard to animate! It had to be cut :(


that was just as good as the last one, you should make the web address a link

margarine responds:

Yeah, I, er, don't know how...>_<
My skillz on flash end the minute I have to do ANYTHING remotely technical :(
I'll figure it out one day
Thanks for the score!

Not as good as the first, but a very close second

I love these, and I must say, they rock! I especially like your style of animation and voices. Keep them coming!

margarine responds:

I will :D Thx 4 da revyoo

Graphics went down a bit.

But of course they would; considering Sprites don't look nearly as good as real drawings. Once again, your storyline, drawings, and sound was good, and also once again, I helped this pass judgment! Yay!

Haha, keep up the awesome flash. 4/5

margarine responds:

Those sprites took a surprisingly long time to draw. I' got so bored of the square paint tool :(
Anyway, thanks again! Yay, etc!

rember me

I wrote a kinda bad review for part 1. Sry. Part 2 appealed to me much more. I loved it, Especially your song. It was great! I guess i have to give Fitch and Jove a chance.

margarine responds:

No worries. I'm just happy you took the time to watch it :D