Reviews for "Fitch and Jove 5 (Part 2)"

I'm a fan now

That was REALLY funny. I loved it i really did. 5/5, 10/10. I hope to see more. I don't know why you submitted one right after the other though.

margarine responds:

I was going to submit them both as one giant episode but 1) it was TOO big, and 2) the audio started fucking up. Sooo...two episodes it became. Glad you liked it :D


I have always believed that British people are awesome and you, sir, have helped to back that theory up.

margarine responds:

:P Well, that's just great

And some more front page material

Man...so good. And i find it good that you reply to almost every comment. Nice work man, did a good job...is that you on the pian?

margarine responds:

Certainly is. Check out my audio page :) Thanks for the 10


dude the song was soo good i almost cried!

margarine responds:

COOL! Thanks for the 10s


Wow! Just watched all your Fitch and Jove!
I must say thats the most funny, wicked, crazy cartoons I've ever seen!
Youre gonna be in my favourite-list from now on :)
And your music, wonderful! <3

Im going to check your website now!


margarine responds:

Thank you so much :-) There's mp3 downloads for most of the fitch and jove songs on the site, so have your fill
Thanks for the 10!