Reviews for "PURGE."

Very nice.

This was a great animation, if some colour(I'm australia please don't say anything about how I spell colour) was added, i'm sure my score would go up even more.

But yes, I understand you had 4-5 days to do it, so yes, very impressive.

That was great

Damnit I love that pencil animation great work, it was WELL DRAWN, keep it up, this is an inspiration I need to try pencil/frame by frame animation

good job

awsum animation

nice. u sed u did this all in pencil frame by frame? thats crazy. id like 2 c wut u can do wit flash 8/ on computer


That is great animation. Thats it, its that simple. I like the foot tap in the begining and the explosion was phenomnial. I would love to see more stuff like this, great job.

Nice work

I know how fun it is to work on those lunchbox (not crazy about them) but this was good work especially rushed .