Reviews for "PURGE."

good stuff

I don't get it, why'd he blow up?
it was nice though


Good stuff. Nice tune as well.

I love that not bad for a week

I like the robotic man guy and the graphics are pretty good the girl was a nice touch along with the flower and the end hum seems like it was a robot sent to destroy. Looks can be deceiving I guess, the flower was a nice gesture by the young girl but didn't change the fait she had in store well all in all good flash I loved it kinda reminded me of linkin park vs Minushi or something but vary original nice work do more

not bad but

you need more frames to make things look much smoother. very nice style it just looked as though you had 1 sec per frame at some points. im no annimator nor have i gone to school just yet ( not till i come back to the states to study). i highly suggest you read Richard Williams : The Annimator's Survival Kit. teaches how to give things that xtra "Snap" wich would have done very well in this film. nicley done for a rushed assainment though. keep up the good work just add some snap. i xspecially liked the xplosion. best i can do for supportive criticism.


That was treuly amazing man ^^

i personally think its better without collour.

This is really amazing.

That girl was nice to the robot, and he just blew himself up :P lol.

what a bastard ^^

annyway, keep em coming!