Reviews for "PURGE."


that's was cool even though the animation was rushed...nd i liked the song...where's it from anyway?

good art, but doesn't have any effect on me

you've got talent for art and animation. but in this movie I don't think you have used them well. the concept is wonderful, but you don't have any storyline at all. but do continue bringing us all your hand- pictured robots and explosives 'cause I loved the art.

I got the goosebumps

I don't review very often, but I think this piece of art required a review.

You are a great artist, you have lots of talent and a great mind, there is not much to say about this flash.

I interpret the "Short" animation in many different ways, and that is a good sign.

I love when art makes me thing.


Dude, that rocks. It would rock even more if it were longer. Nice art and stuffz! w00t!

Good short.

Now make a longer vr. this could go some where.