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Reviews for "School of sword 2"

Nice work.

Heh, came across this when I was searching for flash swordplay simulations and I really liked it, especially since I've done a little german school swordsmanship some time ago. I was just curious if the in-game character Kozel is based on the real Slovak master who, if I remember correctly, used to host german school swordsmanship seminars in Bratislava.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Thanks. Your guess about the master's name is absolutely right! I am surprised that someone outside of our former country would take note of it. His name is Koza of course, but I didn't want to be so straightforward, so the word for the male goat (Kozel) was used instead of female doe (Koza) :-)


nice but as a proffesional swordfighter i must say that the tecniques used and the diffrent evasion moves where somewhat crappy

Thunder-Hawk responds:

What kind of swordfighting do you profess? These are simplified techniques of 15.century master Talhoffer. I do not claim to simulate real fight in all its complexity.


this was fun

t3h w1nx0r

This was great, although I got p3wj4ngl3d. That guy's hard! Also, the keyboard is WAY better than mouse. Like, awesome! Totally for sure!


I really like this game, its amazing when you fight faster. This must have taken alot of thought to make.