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Reviews for "School of sword 2"

Great Game!

I thought this game was fun, I played part 1 before playing part 2, it was hard at first, but it did get a bit easier. I've always wanted to play a game with a system simular to this lol, i think it's cool when you start to fight faster, it's almost like ur really fighting someone. Though, it's sometimes it's a bit hard to dodge quickly when u want to, that's the only thing that bugs me. I don't really know why other ppl thought this game was boring...

First and best of this kind of game i played!!!

This game was really fun. It made you use your brain. And for all those lil asholes out there who say this game sucks, well, you must be really stubborn and didnt give this game a chance. If you played part one and got the training done you wouldve found this game was awesome!!! So people who read this review, please try out the training in first part before you give this game a bad score...


Just wasn't that good. nice try though


Tight as your moms ass.Which is very tight.I know.


aye esto es muy bueno! pude hacer el 3? porque a mi megusta ete juego!