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Reviews for "School of sword 2"

some people call them themselves NG users...

I mean that if an author says "so if you are not familiar with the controls, better first train in the preceding part" It means do it!
Some dumbasses like sasuke16 dont read the authors comments, play, suck, then go "BLAM BLAM BLAM" all because they cant play and didnt take time to actualy learn the damn game.

Personnaly That rocked the heck out of my socks played through the first and second part and enjoyed both! Keep em commin and maybe make one with the same fighting style but with different weapons or theme.

anyhow, great work!

Thunder-Hawk responds:


oh no....

well... let's just say, my cat makes funner stuff than this game brought me. if the controls were better, I'd definately give it another shot. But overall, good job again.

Hard as hell

the controls suck and you know it but you het the hang of it after like 50 timesand btw DarkGrimpy............quit bein such a bitch Its his religion and he can worship Lucifer if he wants its his decsion and this game was half bad................

Thunder-Hawk responds:

The controls could hardly be better, just the game is hard and is intended such - it's all I can say to all who complain about that side of the game.

Well... Eh.

I think the style of game is alright, just the way you put it together was the kinda eh part. Anyways,
Hail Satan,



im sorry to say this but your game is an ugly piece of crap! when you have the option: "Enemy is slower" he is even too fast and the controls are like programmed by an five year old