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Reviews for "Special Mission"


HOLY SHIT it was good


just really really awesome


KICKASS is all i can say

The true Metal Slug experience

For many of you out there, Metal Slug was a true arcade gem. Hard as hell, with enough gore to boot. This game is no exception. Just looking at the games new revamped look makes all of the MS fans out there squeel with glee (I know I did). This was the true next gen look of the Slug series, even if its not autorized. The key points of the series were left here in their entirety. The difficulty selection for the home console adaptions, and the Hard mode for the true arcade experience (This game taught me how to cuss like a sailor). My only complaint was the lack of blood in this game. For me, that was the big selling point on the series. The stylized cartoon violence. The use of the knife like a vietkong soldier in the heat of battle, it really brought the series into its own genre. Still, this does not hinder anything from the whole game. I urge you to try it for yourself on all the difficulties and see if you can stop playing for one second. I know I cant, I have the piss stains to proove it.


I loved it, cept, i dunno Japanese, and thus i had a hard time finding the controls for the game... I think you should translate it... But besides that, it was like a computer version of Metal Slug, and i love Metal Slug, so all is well. :P