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Reviews for "Special Mission"


Iv'e always luved metal slug and this replica is likethe real thing

A great game!

When i first played this game it went to the top of my favorite list. The controls are great. The graphics are great. The game is great! The only problem I had is that you to easily. More lives would be an emprovement. Or atleast add a health bar. Otherwise, a good game worth playing!


Awesome game! And great style, for awesome new graphics!
The only problem is it's too freaking hard. You should make an option to get more or unlimited lives, even if it'll ruin the game. Just so that it's possible to beat the game. I always die at the bridge when the bomber comes...


To anyone who read my review of Commando, I didn't know of this game at the time. That game is apparently a knock off of this one, and it isn't even improved. Unless that game was submitted to miniclip by mikeflasher and then miniclip put it here. If that's the case, it should be in the author's comments section for commando.

I think the latter is the case because someone would have had to go through a LOT of trouble to copy so much so closely.

Pretty good game.

Fun game, its a step up from the originals graphics.(a big step). The gorrilla robots a little hard to kill though.