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Reviews for "Special Mission"

Hilarious, must play for fans of Metal Slug

Ignore the first commentator, obviously they're a n00b. Anyone who has any familiarity with game menu layouts should be able to figure this one out dispite it being in another language. I was able to figure it out on the first try.

Definately a good all around game for MS Fans

This was a very entertaining game. I enjoyed the music, and the graphics are pretty damn good as well. I look forward to seeing more.

props :)

Really a great game... but how do you get past the boss

Very well done

The entire thing was awsome, only it was a little to hard to beat the entire thing with only 3 lives. some sort of continue button or even a way to get lives by freeing the guys in white (scientists?)


damn this is an awesome game. I just need to get pass the boss...which is like impossible. All we need now is a continue button