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Reviews for "Unreal Flash"

It's Okay

You know I have to give you credit but I didn't really like it.


I must first say a job well done, implementing hardcore unreal tournament properties (Headshot! =p) but as with every game it has its downfalls, there were about a million places that were unreachable due to a poorly built jump system, some of the guns were way too overpowered, and many times youd spawn right in front of the enemy to die again, and a lot of the time you couldnt figure out who the hell was on your team so you shot everyone, and you still get points for it!


Needs to be a bit slower pace.

Not fun.

The controls are odd, you don't have time to switch guns, and you die too quickly. Give me brawl anyday.

nice but copied

this game is like the online wersion of unreal tournament