Reviews for "Unreal Flash"

preatty nice

i like it. just i found that some times when ur playing 2vs2 or 3vs3 ur team mates just run in to the wall untill a target comes close. im not sure if this is fixable just a heads up incase u havent relized it. othere then that really good.

ummm ya

well i hate to waste my review on this but.... the game doesnt work ...i see the the big "W" loading then it completes fully....and thats all....nothing else happens. i click all over i refreshed, i closed it and opened it again..same thing. help plz

nice game, has improvement room.

a pretty good game. sort of like UT and not.

One main drawback-
further on, it laggs soooooooooo bad, that becomes real unplayable.
You have to run your levels in scroller engine. this will keep the speed up.
also your AI is pretty tough to fight, but sometimes they get stuck near the wall, and laggs the game because of this.

Hope you improve the scroller and make AI less CPU intensive.
also- fix the collision. It feels like I'm walking on the clouds rather then soli concrete.

Aside, it's a pretty fun replica game.


this is a sweet game, like the dual gun option thingy w\e


man i havent played a game that has got me stuck as much as this one. The music is great, the graphics are good, and all i have to say make mooreee these are fun and addicting