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Reviews for "Unreal Flash"

Now i have finished the hardest game ever.
What's the name of the HIP-HOP music?

Really cool flash game, it's just flawless considering the time it was made in. I really like the different fractions and characters and the weapons were quite nice too. My only complainment would be that the game is quite... "messy".
There is like a ton of lag, very ANNOYING BUGS, like for exemple me getting killed by an enemy, even though there was no enemy. Or like some bugs where you were stuck in between platforms or couldn't get on the top of something. I do acnowledge that many games from this time had similar issues, but for a great game like this it's really annoying.
But still, it's a pretty epic game and still worth playing! ;P

I don't see how you could call it unreal if its not n the unreal engine, but I guess the point was to recreate it in flash, this was REALLY good!