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Reviews for "Let's get lost together"

this song...

it sounds like runescape music because i heard it once but this sounds great nice job


This sounds a lot like something from Donkey Kong Country 2. Which is a good thing! Beautiful.

thx man

This song is so chillout,crunk fo shizzle.It relax me...Gimme Some peace.It wants make me talk to an girl i like to get lost toegether wit me and find our wayback...only we...overall an awesome song.i am more tranquil now


I was listening to this during a thunderstorm and it like perfectly matched the mood...idk how to describe it, but this is great.

I wish...

I wish this just played throughout my day in the background of my life. This is truly beautiful and unique. This, is a touch at musical supremacy. I feel lost, yet safe, deep down inside. This really is an emotional experience to listen to, and I thank you.