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Reviews for "Let's get lost together"


It makes it hard for me to think, my head gets lost.

..God yes

Very nice and soft, but not to get boring. Throughout the song you kept me interested and awake, listening as the song changes. Truly unique, keep it up.

Like I said in my last review, much love to you <3.

Ockeroid responds:

Thanks very much! Much love to you too!


I love this, especially starting at 3:10!


My girlfriend and I used to do that; wander through the city until we were clueless, then find the Library, the theatre, the bus station... somewhere familiar.

Brilliant song; love the combination of light, airy overtones and an underlying beat propelling the whole thing forwards.

Ockeroid responds:

That sounds wonderful. Having an aimless walk until I end up in a place I've never been is one of my favorite things to do. I find you get lost in your head (or lost in conversation). So even tho you're walking in a public place it feels like a really personal experience. I actually just came back from one a few hours ago :p

So glad you like it!

Both peaceful and adventerous...

Feels like walking through a forest of neon crystal for some reason... I can't explain how my mind works... Good job XD

Also sounds like you covered the whole recording in like a cotton shell... Everything's softer... Gives a nice effect >.>