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Reviews for "The Next Horizon"

Controls suck

How to ENTER the vehicle was not explained.

Studio323 responds:

It was explained in the help section in both the main menu and the paused menu. Just use the scroll buttons to flip through different help sections. In there you'll find your explaination.

ouch, not good at all

AHem!... the frame rate is bad, the gameplay is annoying its to damned anoying getting in the stupide vehicles its too boring not much to do n i have no volume working at da moment so its okay but it shouldnt be any bodys favorite cez iv seen way better stick games no offense. 1 out of 5.


My only complaint revolves around the firing system, a personal peeve is a firing system where the shot just "appears" at the place you're firing at, the missile launcher has it best, with the projectile actually travelling to its target, no such luck with any of the others.

I discovered a rather unusual bug when accidentally pressing the "down" button whilst braking in the transport plane. My guy fell from the bottom, bouncing along at 100 MPH or so.... At which point the plane finished braking, turned around and flew off without me. Evidently in protest at my poor piloting skills. Since this was the mission where you need to transport three tanks 2 km from base to drop point, I got into the tank and began to trundle very, very slowly to my destination.
When I was maybe halfway there, the plane flew overhead in the other direction. Presumably to rub it in.
Shortly after getting to the dropoff point, I quit, faced with the prospect of WALKING back to base.

Still, an excellent game, maybe I'll play it again when it's top game submission tomorrow. I hope this isn't the only game planned with this engine, except maybe the projectile thing - very well done.

Humour score - between this and accidentally blowing myself up with a petrol station, hilarious.

not bad, you could fix some stuff though.

the weapons and autobiles were awesome, it's just that whenever i walk on the platform i walk under it then it teleports me to the top. that's a bugg. not that much of a bad game though. 3/5. nice job, hope you make an advanced horizon game.

good game

should go on through