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Reviews for "The Next Horizon"

For the last review

dont post here because of little things you personally dont like

if you can make something like this, go ahead and try and post it on ng and see what people have to say about your stuff. see if you like it when you get torn to shreds by the random jerks who cant write a good word about anything

nice game


I absolutely hate alien games, why couldn't you make it humans? Sigh, oh well. I didn't really like the fact that I died on the second day destroying the food source and had to start all over. This could be better.

Pretty cool

I liked the idea and the variety of vehicles but some of the sound got cut out.

this game is kife

the tank takes too long to load and so does the missile turret. there should be upgrades and the turrets shouldn't take so long to turn around and the dune buggy doesnt slow down very well. Your sound is also quite choppy and when you fire a gun, the bullets get cut out, fix these things and it would be alright

Love it.

There are only a few things on Newgrounds that I truly love. This is one of them. Backgrounds were awesome. Trucking through the desert on a Heavy Tank gave me a vague feeling of glory and pride. Holding off hordes of lizards, walkers, and UFOs with a light and heavy tank by my side really conveyed a sense of camaderie in the midst of peril. AI was pretty good. I liked how the Dune Buggy slowed down for my heavy tank on the moon level (i think it was level 28). One thing irks me. Level 30 is impossible.

QONGALCHNZ is the level 30 code. That's all I'm telling you quitters. You are somehow marooned in a sort of underground cave area where literally dozens of lizard things pour at you. You have no vehicle. It's you and your shotgun against lizards, ufos, and those motherships. Seriously. This is HARD.
***(spoiler over)***

Up until that point, I loved it. Make more please!