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Reviews for "The Next Horizon"

heck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this games kicks @$$ but it lags.and it takes to long to slow down on the jet that goes 400 mph but kick @$$ game keep im coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Studio323 responds:

Thanks. I've been working on a sequel to this game which I started around a year ago. I have a lot of the physics script finished, but there is still a lot of work to do with weapons, and I still haven't started on the enemies yet. Yeah, this next one is going to have a wide selection of weapons to choose from! I might be working on this for at least another year. Hopefully these semesters won't keep me busy enough.

loved it. i will help you

thinks that were wrong

u made the dune buggys bounce for to long

lvl 7 the jet sends u flin when u get oout of it

and the dude on lvl 6 in the dune buggy is so stupid.
over all i loved it and if u need help wit a second ill help


What do you do on lvl.7???????
Sound-speakers busted

Studio323 responds:

Level 7 is the last level and the most difficult. The way to beat this level is to kill all of the enemies. When you first begin, climb the ladder on your left all the way to the top. Stay on this ledge and shoot the UFOs. Make sure the green aliens don't jump and get you. When the large UFOs with lasers come, jump, and you shouldn’t get hit. The last and most difficult enemy to kill is the robot mech. You might need to walk around and find a spot where they can’t jump. The center middle ladder is the best spot for this. Once you kill all of them, you beat the game! If you have trouble beating this level, try it with the strong armor cheat on.
I’m putting a lot more effort into the sequel. Yes, the sound is choppy in this one because the action script wasn’t done so well. The next game I’m going to add music and a whole new game engine from scratch. It’s taking awhile because I’m experimenting with a lot with different techniques to keep the frame rate from slowing up.

Decent, but could be way better

Pretty good game. Great concept, although there are a lot of kinks in the system. The enemies are a pain to kill in anything except for the jeep. If you made some that moved a lot slower and didn't did so much damage to the regular footman, this would be a lot better. Also, your password system doesn't work!!!! Other than this, it's a great game adn I can't wait to see what you will make next. Anyhoo, for you readers with short attenton spans, this game has a lot of potential, but the edges are plain abrasive. You could do a lot better with a little more work.

Studio323 responds:

Thanks, I'll take a look at each cheat that could be entered to see which one doesn't work. For whoever reads this, I've just added a cheat today on the bottom of the author's comments that if you type it in, it unlocks all the cheats. That includes a cheat that gives you strong armor! The cheats that you unlock could be turned on or off in the credits menu in the main page of the game. Other cheats that are unlocked are moon gravity, be the alien dude, F420 in most levels, and double the enemies cheat.

Not Bad

this was very well done i thought that the vehicles were well thought out and just making this game must have taken a long time for the story and... well i've never made a flash myself but i think it requiers some coding in order to do things and the vehicles were very well done its uncommon for a game to have vehicles that you can enter and exit at will.