Reviews for "Lust For Rust"

game is fun all i can say <(x__X)>

this game is fun i had playd somthing like it on a nother site you know war and stop cos u did not make him up so donot be thinking you or all that cos you or not but the game is still fun 2 play u got lucky this time cos i gave you a 1

Not too good.

I admire it for the graphiccs, but the style was just bad. I mean, saladfingers is a crappy fad that Newgrounds is better off without and all he does is eat dirt and scrap metal and talk to ded carcuses. I mean, whats the sence in that anyway? Foamy and The Legendary Frog, I can live with but this? Sorry, but this just isnt my kind of candy.

Holy Shit

Wow, this is probobly the worst game i have played for at least a week. The name "Salad Finger" tempted me to this hell forsake piece of shit game. If you intend to use the "Salad Fingers" name make the god damn game at least good. I bet that a Salad Fingers dress-up game would be more entertaning then this shit.