Reviews for "Lust For Rust"

o_o oh ffs...

Now if anyone else made this game no-one would give a damn, but because it's salad fingers this is going to be on the frontpage... I'd bet money on it -_-

Good start

Great idea. Gameplay, not so much. its almost impossible to doge evrything, it was good untill the little boys showed up, that really screwed me up. maybe improve the directinal keys would help. and betther sound that mable eating. like the creepy toastboy song or the song it plays when salad goes crazy. whoa long review...

This was ok..

This was an ok game...I agree with the guy before me...I to am a Salad Fingers friend..but this had little to do with Salad fingers...Accept for the fact...of corse he's obsessed with Rust...I found this game with little replayability...i could only play for about 5 mins and get bored...However on my 3rd time playing i got to Orgasmic...(yeah for me)...But anyways if u do say a Sim type game with Salad Fingers You'll be seeing my review...


Your Lord And Master Cj

SpOOn TastiC!!

Very cute- kinda hard but there has to be a challenge or you wouldn't want to play it a second time, which I did- I played it four times. N e way- good job!




that was the shit! it was pretty addictive, i must say.