Reviews for "8-bit Boss Battle 3"


The only word to describe this. Epic works pretty well too.


Happy etremely late 21st birthday(Today is June 12th, 2010, oh my gosh.)!


it sounds like megaman with final fantasy or something like that , this song is amazing! :B


gre4t t3wnz.
But srsly, 8Bit games could not sound like this.
This is due to the fact only one sound instance could be used at once, and here multiple are.
The way to prove this is play super mario bros 3, every time you hit an enemy and the sound plays, the music stops.
Otherwise great, but the 8bit genre itself is a LIE.

EliteFerrex responds:

This is old news, my friend. I know that my 8-bits go against the "chiptune rule" that you mention here, but if you pay close attention, most 8-bit artists do not break it, so before you criticize the genre as a whole, do your research.

The reason I don't follow the rule is because I like to see what the 8-bit synths could have done had they not been limited.

This be pimpin' with the boss... XD

It's a shame it doesn't sound anything like some of the more commonly known games. But it is a boss battle tune no doubt. A good build up with a generally heavy tune. Fits nicely to it's purpose.