Reviews for "8-bit Boss Battle 3"

Exactly what I was looking for!

Currently, I have trouble finding a song for my movie, and this song is perfect for the part where 2 characters are about to swap items!! You are the legend of 8-bit songs!

sick and twisted!!!!

in the good way, of course! this is amazing! do you have any 16-bit work?


This song would also go well in a chase/escape boss battle.


i was before a little time before ps1 this bring me back to when i played my first megaman since then i been playing games till now thx man ftw


You sir, make an amazing 8-bit song. This would go superb with games with the 8-bit feel. As an 8-bit lover and growing up with 8-bit games, this is heaven to me. Kudos to you for making this fast paced song that gives the feel of a truly epic boss fight. Thank you!