Reviews for "8-bit Boss Battle 3"

Very nice! Always liked 8-bit music.

Starts out pretty straight foward then, slowly builds up to be a nice epic tune. Perfectly fitting its theme, very well done.
BTW in some parts of the song is some what sounds like 8-bit storm was blended in, with a slightly heavier tune.
Keep it up!


I simply LOVE this theme!
This kind of represents what 8-bit was supposed to be, for me, so it's definitely deserved a 10!

Also, I'm planning on making a game in RPG Maker (non-commercial), and would like to use this theme for a boss/endboss or something like that.
Just tell me if I can use it, and how I should credit you ^_^

It sounds like a mix of Megaman & Final Fantasy...

Plus anything else. I am liking the style. Really gets you into the mood.

Feels an awful lot like Conflict.

Feels an awful lot like one of your previous songs. There's a different melody and such, but I definitely think that the basic rhythm is like Conflict in a few areas. Which suddenly gives me EXE vibes with the "two or more battle themes are almost always arrangements of each other" deal. It could just be my imagination though.

Welcome to 21

Been 21 for a couple of months and I gotta say... it's gotten progressively more fun. Kind of like this little theme you've been toying with. I will admit that I'm still a sucker for the original but this version has a very different, more complex, driving edge that's growing on me. It's not so much a 3 as it's a re-mix or a version three. Still, Impressive. Love how things come together at 1:38. Great breakdown section. Oh, happy birthday my 8-bit inspiration!

EliteFerrex responds:

Alright! I was hoping I'd see you here. Still have you to thank for 8-bit Jungle and cave, after all. ^^

Might be submitting another in not too long, as someone requested that I make one for their flash game, but he has yet to get back to me about its preview, so I have yet to finish it.