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Reviews for "_Cooties_"


You finished it, Jiggy! Now get back to helping us noobs in Brackenwood.


I really like it! The part when you beat your old teacher is so funny.


This is a GREAT game and "LoneWolfCharles", IT'S A GAME! CALM DOWN! First of all, the person who posted this didn't CREATE the game. This game is from armorgames.com. Also, I don't think the creator went one day "Ooooohh I fucking hate chicks I think to show them how much I really HATE them I have a GREAT idea! I'll make a game about beating the shit out of girls!" No. Really? Who the HELL would make a FLASH GAME in intentions of PISSING A GROUP OF PEOPLE OFF!!!??? There are more severe and harsh ways to show hatred than making a game (excluding violence). Think before speaking.


the perfect immitation of my life at school

shit man

god how much health does stupid cupid have? it was so hard to kick his baby ass but I finally won