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Reviews for "_Cooties_"


girls over the head with cupid on Valentine's day. That pretty much sums up the fun! LOLZ!


I really like it! The part when you beat your old teacher is so funny.

great game

i love the idea that you punch an elderly lady in the face XD

P.s. tip for last level.. use cupid as sheild against huge waves of hearts and girls!

Another tip: throw cupid hard at the spikes and catch him in midair

The last level seems impossible..

How many times must you hurl Cupid into the spikes?! I already threw him at the spikes 5 times. And there's some glitch where they release a huge crapload of green hearts at you, and you end up losing after coming so close to winning. Like I did. -_-

how'd you do the arm

Il'd like to know how to do that