Reviews for "_Cooties_"

rofl awesome

Very fun game i loved it awesome :D

that is so freakin awesome!!!

u should try making a sequel with different enemies.its like one type walks towards u and another type grabs hold of u so u wont move.also make more weapons.


girls over the head with cupid on Valentine's day. That pretty much sums up the fun! LOLZ!


This is a GREAT game and "LoneWolfCharles", IT'S A GAME! CALM DOWN! First of all, the person who posted this didn't CREATE the game. This game is from armorgames.com. Also, I don't think the creator went one day "Ooooohh I fucking hate chicks I think to show them how much I really HATE them I have a GREAT idea! I'll make a game about beating the shit out of girls!" No. Really? Who the HELL would make a FLASH GAME in intentions of PISSING A GROUP OF PEOPLE OFF!!!??? There are more severe and harsh ways to show hatred than making a game (excluding violence). Think before speaking.

shit man

god how much health does stupid cupid have? it was so hard to kick his baby ass but I finally won