Reviews for "Purplenum: Training"


not bad at all, it's cool and has potential. Geez now i sound like a judge from american idol

mooseisloose responds:

lol yes you do


Not bad, but there isn't a whole lot to it, you know? It's too easy, too. Kind of insulted my intelligence with it's simplicity. Anyone who has ever played any mario game for just a few minutes can master that.

mooseisloose responds:

::Training:: also if its too hard you might not complete it and I need ppl to be able to complete this before getting bored so they know what kinda stuff will be in the game


great but to eazy i assume that was a training and i hope it's going to be harder.
N.B. the guy jumps to high

mooseisloose responds:

yes it'll be harder and longer and ore gravitational

Kind of sublime.

It was too basic. Smooth and well-programmed, but too simple. I think the purple guy is able to jump to high. The game was just so easy because of that.

mooseisloose responds:

yeah im gonna do some levels more zoomed out and lower jumping, otherwise it'll be a bit bland and easy


its a nice simple game, and you probally spent a long time on it, i think you should make beter graphics though, and more enemies and stuff. XD

mooseisloose responds:

There will be more enemies, this was more so you knew what it would be like. As for the graphics thats the style and im stickin with it, but some of the bosses ive been designing are turning out pretty sharpish