Reviews for "Purplenum: Training"

loves it

great game amigo. i look forward to playing the full version when its finished

mooseisloose responds:

Thanks, I loom forward to playing it too :p

Nice game

Just one problem I have with the game.

1. At the end of the game when it goes back to the main screen ther is a problem with the mucis loop. It clears up in a few secs but it not good for a winning flash game.

Overall the game was nicely made and reminded me of those hell jumps I couldn't get right in mario. Keep up the good work.

mooseisloose responds:

Thanks, yeah i'm gonna sort the music, I just realised before I submitted I had no music on it, so I just had to sort it out with some. I was playing mario on the snes to try and come up with level ideas, unfortunatley it didnt work

I hope to see more!

This looks like a very good game, hopefully it isn't blammed and we can all play more! =D

mooseisloose responds:

Even if it is blammed you will see more, I'm not giving up now, I rarely stay on a project this long, because it's kinda fun that I'm learning while I make

Great Game!

I looove this game! Hopefully this won't get blammed by other reviewers... I'm wishin'!...

mooseisloose responds:

Thanks, I'm liking the scores you gave, it may seem simple to some, but it took me a fairly long time to do just those few training levels.

Bum ba da Dum


mooseisloose responds:

wtf are you talking about? no its not!