Reviews for "Purplenum: Training"

simple goodness

Well done, a simple clean game that will surely be more challenging in its full version. Good stuff. Looking forward to it.

mooseisloose responds:

Thank you, it sure will be more challenging, there will be many improvements, there's no way I could leave the final thing like this :p

Good start

This kind of thing is a great way to get into Actionscript. For the final version, here are some things to work on (both to make the game and your ability better):

Improve on the use of hitTest()-use points on the character. You could, as an example, make the character's origin point right in the middle horizontally, and at the base of his feet, and use this code: _root.floors.hitTest(_x,_y,true); to find out if he is standing on anything. The only problem with using a flat hitTest() check is that it checks his entire bounding box, and when he's running, that box changes size. An alternative here is to use your original usage of hitTest(), but instead of checking for the whole character, check for an unchanging, invisible movie clip inside of him.

Add a jump animation. This is obvious, but I might as well mention it.

Length-I'm sure you're all over this, but again, I might as well mention it.

Good job with this one, and good luck with becoming awesome with AS.

mooseisloose responds:

I will probably keep it the same, or maybe make it check for an invisible box inside, I'm not really sure yet. I tried to add a jumping animation in, but I haven't quite got it yet, it goes gay everytime, but I'll get it soon. yes I'm all oer the length and thanks for the good luck, I'm pretty sure I'll need it.

It's alright.

This is great, and I couldn't make anything better myself, but the one thing that bothered me throughout the whole game was the looping music that eventually turned horrible and hideous.
Try a better choice of audio and make sure it stops at the end of the game, otherwise it generates a new set of loops and becomes annoying.

mooseisloose responds:

yeah it'll be sorted in final game

what AS did u use?

just wondering what was the action script code you used in it :)

mooseisloose responds:

I cant just give away AS, especially not in a review, my msn is genderbender27@hotmail.co.uk or my AIM name is Theme27 or e-mail me at joe@mooseisloose.co.uk and i will gladly discuss stuffs with you

Just Okay!

I am reviewing it a 10 on interactivity, because the guy can jump, run and dodge obstacles (and the character moves very well). I am also reviewing it a 10 on style, because it contains the good tweened character. That game was not bad at all (I like it). I hope you did really a good job!

mooseisloose responds:

why thank you