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Reviews for "Duadako"

quite good quite good

The game is quite good overall just a little problem is that its too easy
maybe if there was a tournament mode or difficulty settings that might make this an even better game

not bad, not bad at all :)

The game is just like he said, rock, paper, and scissors type of style. It is very fun. The only problem is that their is no easy, or hard setting.

I liked it.

Even though it was just a game of chance i liked the animation to it and the High,Medium,Low thing so it was just a fun version of Rock,Paper,Scissors and you can also play 2 players which is kool.


This game has no amount of skill needed to play it you just just drag the things thats why it's so fun you can't really brag even though I killed the guy in one round lol you did well keep it up

Not bad, not bad

Eh, not bad. I find it very occupying though. I'm especially faund of the whole rock-paper-scissors form of game play. The graphics though could be improved but other than that, good work!