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Reviews for "Duadako"

Cool twist on rock paper scissors

I liked the twist on a old game. Very creative to have come up with such and idea and although I didn't play it for long, greats dull pretty fast, for a quick game it was great.
Suggestion....when someone wins, either side, have them do a celebratory dance or combinations of actions on their victim.
Liked have a choice of a backgrounds, lots of potential for expansion and creatvity. Geisha cheerleaders perhaps?

Reanimator responds:

Hey jenna, thx for the great review! the ideas you have are pretty good! geisha cheerleaders, makes me smile :D
hope you catch my next game, just check the frontpage around september ;D

it gets boring after lyk 1 min

just wut i said above, but it delivers everything you thought a rock-paper-scissors game would deliver. its pretty boring


now im suppose to be studying for exams but im not and this is much better good job

Reanimator responds:

hehe thx! good luck with your exams, but a round duadako once in a while should be allowed :D have a good one

I like It!

Nice samurai-choose-your-attack game.I kept playing it.

something new

Never seen a rock-paper-scissors fighting game. It's stupid that you can't fight normally. this is just normal r-p-s