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Reviews for "Duadako"

Fair enough

it was entertaining but i thought there would be more of a way to decide what attack to choose


This game was really cool, and i'm gonna say that it could be improved a little bit, by making the moves a bit more realistic.


this was very original but got really old really fast

I like it, please make more

Dude wenever me or my friends go 2 the computer, we play this game. i really like it man, but i hav sum suggestions: next time could u hav like a character selection thing? that would b sweet. just for looks, though. new swords or sumthin like that... but anyways, i really like this game. thank you

Dont listen to the hobo.

This game could be easy to some, but hard to others. It's completely random... which is what makes rock paper scissors so fun.

I got lucky and beat it on the first try in the first round... others could have tried 50 times and never won once.