Reviews for "Strip Ware Inc."

WAY too hard

easily the hardest game i've played, it'd be nice to know the controls when each game starts. sure you can use the mouse or space and arrows, but how do you know which to use and when? each minigame needs like a control list or object of game before it starts, before i know it i lost all my points trying to figure out the controls. also the question screen moved way too fast. just finished reading the question and it moved on. why such a short time limit? the music got really annoying and fast. you can do better if you improve this game overall. challenge is good, but too much challenge and no explanation, is too much.

Too Difficult

This game is much too difficult, even on the easiest difficulty. They really made a point to put the "hard" in "hardon" when they made this.


I loved it, harder than shit on the top level

Really nice, british friend!

Keep working on that, you got a nice game there, very good, interactivity is super!

greetings from Canada!

Pretty cool, but has its bugs

pretty fun overall, but it does have a few bugs in it. And like the other guy said, the music does get annoying.