Reviews for "Strip Ware Inc."

Annoying as Hell

Music needs to be able to be turned off, by 10 mins I couldn't give a fuck about the chick, take those stupid red buttons out, or make them less harsh, the TNT box gets in the way too much as do the gems.


It's bad enough you don't put instructions with the minigames but the negative point button is complete bull shit. I got 90% of the questions and mini games right but its still impossible cause you have a gay minus point button and if you miss one question you lose more than half your score. Bad game 0/0

Just one more try...

I liked it! A lot of the graphical effects (especially the rainfall and the boat in the canal) awere amazing! Plus, naturally, you want to keep going to see the chick naked... a few criticismsL
-the music got sooo annoying I had to mute it.
-would it kill you to put the instructions for each game at the start of each game... or let us click to start the game instead of it happening automatically?
-some of the games are far, far too hard: Evade, Cutter
-some of the other games seem to kill you despite you not even getting hit: Boat, Rain
-it also wasn't clear where exactly you were meant to click in Circuit
-the 'lose 150 points' boxes came up far too often
-no indication that you've got a question wrong
-you might wanna take that girl to the gyno doc, something is seriously wrong with her pussy lips
-tidying the text up a bit would give the quiz a lot more crediblity (and get rid of that I, me? question that makes no sense at all)

I know that's a huge list, but consider how much I had to play the game to know so much about it! A bit more polish and you'll have a front page winner!

Great but.....

i have a FEW things wrong with playing it
A) the game was too damn hard for me... except for on easy but whats the point... no nudity on that level

B) music was annoying

C) the questions were too damn missalaneouse... and im pretty sure i got some of them right... like 100% sure but it still counter it wrong

but great... just let me see her !!!!! ;(

needs some work

well, i liked the idea of the game, but could definitely use some refining. For example, it would be nice if you could get a numerical value for the score, or get more then a one word explanation of the minigames.